what is the difference between cp and xp

The common names we normally see in Pokemon Go game.
Difference between CP and XP in Pokemon Go.

difference between CP and XP in Pokemon Go

What is CP in pokemon go game

CP stands for Comat Power in Pokemon Go game. More CP, more energy to the pokemon in battles. If CP is good, the pokemon can fight for more time and at the same time you can use special attacks as well if the pokemon survices for more time. Protection shields can be used only for 2 times for both the parties. So, CP helps in with standing for more time and batteling for more time as well which in turn helps in winning the raids or battles.

what is xp in the pokemon go game

XP is the power that is used to calculate the rank of the pokemon trainer. Basing on the XP the rank will be awarded to the trainer. Ranking shows the required XP for enhancing the rank and at the same time, you can view the total XP down under that.

cp or xp, which one is important

CP and XP and different concepts and has different properties. Both are important to a trainer. More CP helps the pokemon to sustain for more time while on the other hand, XP shows the ranking of the trainer. Higher the XP, better the position. XP also helps in evolving the pokemon with best CP.