how to evolve eevee into espeon during the day without name trick in Pokemon go.

Evolve Eevee into Espeon during the day trick.

In case you have already evolved Eevee into Espeon using name trick then you need to the following to evolve again into Espeon and to complete the special task in "A Ripple in Time"

Step 1 : Make the Eevee your buddy which you want to evolve.

Step 2 : Eevee candy can be earned only after walking 5kms. So, you need to walk 10kms and earn 2 Eevee candies.

Step 3: Being Eevee still as your buddy, you must evolve it. If evolved in the day, you get Espeon and during night, Umbreon.

Eevee Evolutions without name trick

eevee evolutions without name trick