how to connect to networks on chromecast

Those who are using google chromecast will be wondering how to connect two wifi networks on a single chromecast. I would like to share my experience like how I succeded by operating two wifi networks on a single chrome cast.

Can we connect two wifi hotsopts to a single google chromecast? If so, how

chromecast hacking

about google chromecast

Connect Google Chromecast to a TV / Telivision or monitor using HDMI Port and stream videos or files in your mobile or compter for free on the big screen. In order to use google chromecast, you need to have a wifi network. The wifi connection you are using to connect chromecast and mobile must be on the same network.

Using chrome cast you can mirror your mobile screen also.

how many wifi connections can be connected to chromecast?

Chromecast allows only single wifi network to share which must be configured using your mobile i.e, after installing Google Home app on your device.

is it possible to connect chromecast to multiple wifi networks?

Technically yes. Only thing is you need to maintain same SSID and password that was already configured on your chromecast and that will work like a magic.