how to get unova stone in pokemon go

Getting Unova stone is not tough and at the same time not so as easy as to get regular stones for evolution in pokemon go.
Can we get unova stone in pokemon go? If so, how

How to get unova stone in pokemon go game

about unova stone

In Pokemon go game, evolutions can be done to a particular pokemon basing on the number we are catching and some will be linked with the number and stones we are holding and Unova stone is one among that.

Unova stone is not so easy to catch and the same time not very tough too.

how to get unova stone

The only way to get Unova stone in pokemon go game is, one needs to complete the research task every week. At the end of completing tasks for 7 days which may not be in a row, you will have a chance to get Unova stone. Doesn't matter how many pokemons you catch but some like Panesar will not evolve without a Unova Stone., Without Unova stone, the required pokemons cannot be evolved..

what is evolution in pokemon go

Evolving a pokemon means you are powering them up and then they will get new attacking and defending technieques. They also get new set of moves to defeat the oponent.